Thursday, 24 March 2011

If I had a hammer...

....i'd try to keep the noise down.

 Like a thief that used a milk float as a getaway car. Time, for me, of late, has been obtrusively slow and undistinguished. It's hard to say just how far back I'll have to go without becoming laborious to the avid blogging community but let us start with a move I made 30 miles or so west from my beloved Berkshire to spend time in a big city once again.

 For the few months I was there I paid the taxman a few pounds, sent the rich around the world, whiled a few hours away in two public houses of note just a few yards down from Cleopatra's needle and before too long have found myself taking the short trip back down the M4. It's plenty peaceful here and that sits with me just fine. Birdsong doesn't have to fight with the emergency services and there's space enough to hear myself think (this is perhaps a concern).

 Nevertheless, the long and short of it is I have started writing again. Properly, that is. And I thought I'd say a few words about how it was coming along over the next few months until a song or two is pressed. Although I think it's perhaps fitting to start with a little reflection first.

 "Old Valentine" was released in October of the year 2009. I think it was right at the start but I can't quite recall. That being the case, I make it out as 539 days worth of melody grafting to produce a body of work worthwhile for your ears. Truth be told, we may have to shave off 500 or so of those. I assure you, this is for your benefit. I took far too many drugs and had I tried to release anything sooner you may have had to listen to a collection of sounds similar to that of a grande lady sobbing because her thighs are too fat for spandex and ankles too wide for rollerskates. We're better now, we're both on a diet of sorts.

 Listening back to that record (which I do incessantly) I think I may have held back a little. For every "lover" there was supposed to be a "liar", for every "woman" a "witch" and there's a running theme of self pity attached to it all that I am now striving to get away from. Mistakes, as ever, will be made but no-one's perfect. (Especially you.)

 I'll be writing about the stuff that pleases me. Like wearing one black and one red sock. They'll be an element of confusion in it. It'll make me happier when I look down. I hope this, in turn, rubs off on you. Setting timelines scares me (I don't want to be married by 35) but I hope to have this all done and dusted by the end of summer. Working with a few familiar faces and the new one's I've met looks like it's going to make this job a great deal easier. They're at their best at light speed.

 They'll be a handful of shows in the coming months and, if it can be got together, a trip across the channel. Italy, Germany. It'd be good to see some of you around, it's been a while.

 Here's to wishing you a happy new year (I think it's safe to say this at any time) and, unlike me, you've always looked good in swimwear.

 I leave you, for now, with The Bentley Boys (see below),

 Lots of love, music, sex and affairs,



 The fat lady and I have been out jogging of late. Hence the name change.
 From now on, look out for Runners Club.


 Mum, I got that job interview.

The Bentley Boys - Down On Penny's Farm

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